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The holiday season is here with us and as we prepare for that thrilling vacation and dining with family and friends, it’s equally important to surprise our seniors with awesome gifts. Gifts help improve the elderly’s self-esteem and they always cherish those fun moments. When gift shopping for seniors, one of the common questions that will always pop up in your mind is; what is the best gift for the elderly?

We have compiled the following list of some of the best gifts that you can buy for seniors this festive season.


  1. Family photo calendar

This is a customized calendar that contains all family members’ photos. It keeps the seniors smiling throughout the year and it increases emotional attachment. These beautiful family photos keep on reminding them of past enjoyable family moments and experiences.


  1. Framed picture

It can be a family picture, animal image, or any other nice photo that gives your seniors nice impressions, special messages, and memories. Framed pictures come in different types of arts and designs. You can also combine it with a gift of a custom photo puzzle to let them have more fun while enjoying the visually appealing photos.


  1. Voice assistant with video calling

Buying them a gift of Alexa personal voice assistant that comes with a video screen is another great way of brightening their festive season. It makes video calling seamless and you will enjoy making frequent video calls to them due to better video quality and sound. It can go a long way in improving their social lifestyle.


  1. Lively mobile and medical alert device

Lively mobile devices with big screens, large buttons, and loudspeakers will ensure that seniors never get a dull moment. There are many things they can do with such mobile phones such as watching videos, playing games or listening to the best cool music. What’s more, is that these lively mobile devices can be integrated with medical alert devices to keep the seniors up to date with their health and safety status.


  1. Custom photo blanket

If you have seniors who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia, a custom photo blanket can be one of the best holiday gifts. It will keep them warm and serve another purpose of improving their quality of life by surrounding them with images of persons that they are familiar with.


  1. Compression socks

Compression socks are very effective when it comes to improving blood circulation and preventing leg swellings. If you have seniors with such health conditions, a beautifully designed zipper along the side for easier wearing and removing is the perfect gift for them this festive season. You can get them in different unique designs, sizes, and patterns.


  1. Talking watch

A talking watch is a great gift for seniors who are visually impaired or those who have low visibility. It gives the elderly peace of mind by knowing they can hear what time it is with just a click of a button. There are also advanced models of talking watches that feature talking alarms, calendars, or hourly time reports.


  1. Key tile tracker

Seniors can easily forget where they placed their keys easily. When you buy them a versatile attach mate tile, they can use it to hold keys and other small items that are easy to misplace. It can help search items within the 76-meter diameter range and notify them when they leave things behind. It comes voice-assisted finding feature that works with Alexa, Siri, or Google.


  1. Sunrise alarm clock

Older adults can sometimes oversleep and forget to sunbathe. Gifting them a wake-up light sunrise alarm clock can go a long way in helping them get up and enjoy sunlight especially during winter. The sunrise alarm clock will ensure that they never miss a sunshine moment which is very vital for their health.


  1. Wet/dry electric shaver

Apart from making them happy this festive season, you should also endeavor to glam them by making sure they are well-groomed. One of the gadgets that can ensure seniors are well-groomed and clean is an electric shaver. Check the best models like the cordless rechargeable electric shaver and they will fall in love with it.



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