Active Adult Communities

Remaining active as a retiree can be hard. You no longer have job obligations, and you’ve parted with familiar colleagues. It’s easy to feel that it’s too late to get into new things or form new relationships, but that’s not true. Joining a retirement community can turn things around for you and pave the way for an exciting chapter in your life. In a retirement community, you’ll get to live among other retired seniors who want to remain active despite leaving their jobs.

At Connect55+, we have premier active adult communities spread across the United States. Our communities offer you a chance at a new life without the worries that come with letting go of a profession or routine you’ve maintained for decades.

Why Our Communities are Perfect for Active Adults

Our independent living communities provide suitable arrangements for seniors who wish to lead an active life.  Here are the reasons our communities are perfect for active adults:

  • We Prioritize Your Health

We cater to your physical and mental health needs by providing wellness activities, including dancing, tai chi, yoga, and balance training. Our top-of-the-line facilities for independent living for seniors have gyms and walk trails where you can exercise to stay in great shape. You’ll also have access to regular health screenings to ensure your health is in check.

  • Convenient Amenities

Our amenities are found within the community, so you won’t have to go elsewhere to access them. Some of our amenities include essential facilities like a library, chapel, and movie theater. Not only are these amenities in close proximity, but they also allow you to socialize with other members of the community.

  • We’ll Keep You Engaged in the Things That Matter to You

Would you like to learn more about keeping your finances stable in retirement? We use TED talks and presentations to educate our guests about estate planning and other financial topics that are useful in senior years. In our classes, you’ll be taught how to avoid fraud and make informed decisions about your finances. If you’re passionate about learning and wish to explore new topics, you’ll be free to participate in our classes, where we focus on computer training and memory skills.

  • Maintaining a Social Life is Easy

Our community is home to older adults from all walks of life and with diverse interests. It’s therefore easy for you to build and maintain a vibrant social life while you stay with us.

  • We Provide Maintenance Services

We offer maintenance services such as housekeeping and repairs as expected in a top assisted living community. This enables you to have all the time to make new memories without worrying about your living conditions.

Stay Happy, Healthy, and Active in Your Senior Years

Many community care services for the elderly are offered in nursing homes, which is not ideal for a self-reliant adult. But with our active adult communities, you can maintain your independence while getting services that make your life worry-free and absolutely enjoyable. Contact Connect55+ to explore the best retirement homes, assisted living, independent living, and senior homes in your area: or call Wheatfield NY/716.693.0006, Bedford NH/978.258.0302, Olathe KS/402.502.7500, Toronto ON/416.693.0066.